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The Merlin Company

Is a think tank that creates cutting-edge products and deliverables to better lives.

My name is Aaron Elliott, I'm the Founder and Principal Solution Engineer for The Merlin Company.

With more than 50 years combined experience in defense, aeronatautical, academic, cybersecurity, financial, real estate, and general business consulting, we can deliver unexpected insights and intelligence using your data to improve your business decisions.

To improve your business, we provide data-driven consulting and offer custom hybrid on-premises and cloud technologies to present live reports in popular business intelligence platforms and custom web and mobile solutions.

We further can drive your data into forecasting and prediction models using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence your business can use to increase safety, environmental protection, efficiency, employee and customer retention, and profit margins.

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About Us

Increasing Profits and Efficiency

Our "broad and deep" technology, research, and development consulting allows us to empower our customers with unexpected data-driven insights and business intelligence to improve business decisions using on-premises and cloud technologies to deliver reports in popular business intelligence platforms and custom web and mobile solutions.

Our team utilizes a meld of popular data science and business intelligence tools, cloud architectures, and toolchains that bring the development of apps (iOS, Android, Universal Windows Platform and Web) under the same codebase for rapid cross-platform code synchronization of client experiences and data.

About Us

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nd-to-end Data Science is a new concept to a lot of people.

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