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Mobile App Design

Sometimes finding the right people to help you make your vision become a reality is difficult. We work with clients to create a complete design for their mobile app vision that won't break the bank when the design is handed to our developers. We work closely with clients to help them create a functional look and feel for their mobile app before development begins. This includes logo creation, wireframing, layout, graphics, and prototyping ready to present to partners or investors.


Cloud Platforms

We develop data driven and visually appealing mobile apps that are connected to cloud platforms to provide and manage data, users, and content delivery. Using the right cloud services, costs can be kept to a minimum when the app has very little usage and scaled up when as usage grows into an enterprise.


Mobile App Business

The Merlin Company helps simplify the business processes that support the operation and marketing of your apps. We work with customers to target optimal audiences to get the word out and to control rapid adoption of clients' mobile app services that are provided to their user communities. These mobile app business consulting services can range from getting a simple app off of the ground to helping start ups create winning patent, trademark, and business strategies.

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